Grizzly Bear Singing Game (Free Music Download)

May 22, 2018


Grizzly Bear is a fun, simple, class favorite singing game that will keep your students excited and engaged.


Download GrooveTrack Here

Download Sheet Music Here


How to Play:


  • Teach the students the Grizzly Bear song

  • Put a chair in the middle of the room leaving space around it. This will be the "Grizzly Bear Chair"

  • Select a student to be the Grizzly Bear

  • Circle the other students around the chair

  • The students will sing the Grizzly Bear song while walking in a circle around the chair.

  • At the end of the song the students will freeze in place.

  • If the Grizzly Bear sees a student move he will say "crunch" and make a clawing motion toward the student (being careful not to touch him or her) and that student will have to sit out for one round.

  • Repeat.

  • On the last game allow all students to rejoin regardless of if they just got crunched.



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