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One Bottle Pop (Free Music Download)

One Bottle Pop is a classic children's song that can be sung and performed as a round. Use this piece to help your students understand how to achieve harmony by layering the parts.

Teaching sequence

  • Introduce the song by singing one of the verses for you students.

  • Use call and response to teach the first part of the song

  • when the students have become familiar with the melody teach them the other parts of the song

  • Have the students sing the song and begin to sing with them when they reach the second song part, singing in a round

  • Break your students into three groups and have one group start the first song part and the other two join in as the group before them reaches the second song part

  • Once your students are familiar with the melody and can sing acapella or accompanied by a single instrument add the GrooveTrack.

  • Use lower track volumes so the students can hear themselves and slightly louder volumes as they become confident in their singing

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