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Ha Ha This-A-Way (Free Download)

This song is a simple yet effective class favorite that works best for K-2nd grade. It can be used to for a variety of lesson types, including teaching students proper singing technique, practicing steady beat, and even showing form. Movements can also be added to this song to make it a fun and exciting performance piece.

Teaching Sequence:

  • Call and response to teach the song

  • Teach each movement of the song along with the corresponding vocal part.

  • Teach two dance moves per 8 measure dance break (4 measures each - 4 moves total)

  • Add a chant to each dance move

  • Practice performance run-throughs

I use this song to teach my younger students about contrast. I ask them to show contrast between standing still with their arms by their side, and the first movement they do. I explain to them that the more still and quiet they are at the beginning, the bigger and more exciting their first movement looks.

Here is a video with Lyrics and Movements that could be used for the song:

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