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Canoe Song and Land of The Silver Birch (Free Download)

Canoe Song and Land of the Silver Birch

Try these partner songs in your classroom for a performance-ready groovin' smash hit!

PDF Downloads:

Teaching Sequence


  • Allow the students to listen to the GrooveTrack While Keeping a steady beat. Vary how the students keep the beat to sustain interest (On lap, shoulders, fingertips, nose etc.)

  • (Optional) Have the students read the rhythm of the notes using your preferred rhythm reading syllables or numbers. Use the GrooveTrack to secretly reinforce the melody in the background.

  • Teach the built-in ostinato in each piece (Canoe Song-"Dip, dip and swing" Silver Birch- "Boom di di ah da") While the students maintain the ostinato, sing the melody for them.

  • Use call and response to teach the melody to the students. (Start with one or two bars and then move to larger chunks) The only chord in the song is D minor.

  • Once the students can sing both Canoe Song and Land of the Silver Birch, maintaining pitch and part, Have them sing one song while you sing the other. (It usually helps if you make this like a game and say you are going to try to mess them up!)

  • Finally, have the students sing the two Partner Songs together.

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